Assembled June 2017  in Raleigh NC,  this pack of cosmic large dogs  known as Lazaris Pit bring together 3 individuals of diverse musical backgrounds to create a sound that cannot be accurately described in words but must be experienced live.               

Consisting of Ely "Salted Sweet Cream" Yarbrough on guitar and lead vocals, Cameron "Sugarfoot" Preston on bass, and Jon "Dok Tok" Castro on drums, Lazaris Pit freely improvises a dreamy blend of  punk, funk, soul, psychedlia, reggae, jazz, noise, and ambience into a one-of-a-kind dance party that will leave the people asking when "this band" is coming back to town!


Having played shows up and down the east coast from Philly to Atlanta, we are looking to bring our unique brand of rock-n-roll nationwide. Given that our sounds have resonated  from large festival fields, through historic college campuses, to the most intimate of dive bars and clubs, we have the skill and catalogue to craft a set for any occasion.  When music lovers leave a Lazaris Pit show,  they haven't just heard a standard night of music, they have experienced a mind meld of musical tapestries that take us all on an emotional journey through not only time and space but ideally ourselves in the process.  In summary...its a hoot!




Shakori Hills  Fall 2019

Bernaroo   with Julia and Arson Daly  Summer 2019  

Late Night "Freak Out" sets at The Pour House Raleigh, NC

12 Night East Coast Spring Tour Spring 2019 (ATL To Philly)

Spazzfest X  with Julia Spring 2019 - Greenville, NC

NoPhest    Spring 2019 - Atlanta, GA

Imurj Cafe Artist Member Spotlight  Spring 2019  - Raleigh, NC

Featured In Relix Magazine's Artist Sampler CD Dec. 2018

Cat's Cradle Halloween Release Party  Fall 2018 - Chapel Hill, NC

7 Night Fall Tour 2018

Wworld Festival Summer 2018 - Wilmington, NC

Dorthea Dix Light up the Woods Summer 2018 - Raleigh ,NC

Triangle Psych Fest  Summer 2018 - Raleigh, NC

William and Mary College Live at 5 on the Green  Spring 2018 - Williamsburg, VA

Breathe in the Air festival Fall 2017 - Pittsboro, NC

House Band at The Outpost - Raleigh, NC

Night/Light - Released  July 2017

Dr. Perki and the Golden Peak...or The Perks of Porchlessnessism - Released December 2018